Going Green

Going GreenHavana Central has committed to taking a pro-active role in becoming environmentally neutral, raising environmental awareness among our staff and guests and implementing environment friendly procedures both internally and externally. We want to responsibly improve the way we do business. While we are not pioneers in this process, we are committed to the integrity of resources we use in order to contribute in the active process.

Energy efficiency: We have already implemented utility-reduction procedures such as using energy efficient light bulbs and creating quick shut off procedures for all equipment not being used in a particular time period.

Recycling and composting: We have contracted with a waste management company that actually recycles the garbage that is picked up and takes our organic waste and uses it to create compost for local farms.

Paper and plastic: We continue to reevaluate all of our paper and plastic goods, using bio-degradable materials and more natural materials wherever possible.

Cleaning supplies, soaps and detergents: “We continue to evaluate and find alternative, natural products to use for all the dishwashing and cleaning procedures in and out of the restaurants.

The Team at Havana Central has taken the steps to begin “changing the way people think.” We believe it is the first step in cultivating a culture of “green” best practices and incentives. Investing in the quality of our people and continually improving on the “green” products and services encourages Havana Central’s Team to take a leadership role in” who we are” in addition to “what we do.”

Jeremy Merrin
Founder, Managing Member